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We work toward building relationships and supporting the national churches and ministries we partner with.

CFM Ministries

Who Goes

Teams are made up of interested persons from the Christian Community and others that want to serve in their area of expertise. They work alongside the national ministries and organizations who have partnered with CFM.

CFM Ministries


Medical background and training is preferred for the different services offered but we also incorporate non-medical volunteers. From Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Pediatrics, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Nutrition, EMT, Paramedic, and other specialties to those who know simple first aid.

CFM Ministries


Team members complete large to small construction projects that have been specifically identified by the local ministries. From constructing churches or schools to pouring floors or roofing homes, all levels of ability are needed.

CFM Ministries

Children's Ministries

Team members will have the opportunity through music, games, puppets, and other fun activities to share the word of God and show the love of Jesus.

Medical personnel are needed!

For most team members, on a medical trip, medical background is preferred for the different services offered. From dentistry, nursing, medical doctors, surgeons, EMT, Paramedics, to those who know simple first aid. All can be used. The services needed vary from grand to minimal. However, one life touched or relief given is a life changed. No talent is too small. Note: Not all medical trips need all/only medical personnel. However, all medical trips need personnel. YOU can attend a medical trip with no medical training.

Lend a hand in Construction

Team members complete large to small construction projects that have been specifically identified by the local ministries. From constructing buildings to roofing, from digging ditches to pouring foundations; the hand of God is shown through His people. All construction sites have a job for someone. If you can carry a bucket, bend some wire, lift a board, share a cold drink with a national, you can be on the construction team. Be ready to work hard and laugh alot along the way.

Let's reach the younger generation.

Team members will have the awesome opportunity to share the word of God and show the love of Jesus. As a children's ministries team member you will find yourself playing all sorts of hands on interactive games, singing songs, making crafts and of course playing with a giant 30ft parachute. Partnering with the national Sunday school teachers, they deliver the gospel and we deliver the games! Any time spent with a child will make a lasting memory for both of you.

Where do we go?

CFM has been instrumental in providing construction, medical relief, and children's ministry efforts to the poorest Central American communities.


Guatemala is a country of extreme contrasts. A country of incredible beauty and incredible poverty. The people are warm and friendly. The country supports a middle class in its major cities but in the rural areas poverty and no education are predominate. In these areas the average income is only a few dollars a month for a family to survive.


Nicaragua is the poorest of the Central American countries with more rural areas. The political climate is that of the mixture of the Contra and the Santanista with the poor being the largest majority of the country.


Although one of the most tropical of the Central American countries, its people still suffer from extreme poverty and lack of medical attention. We have worked with the Garifuna along the north coast and the Lenca Indians in the southwest mountains.

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Current Project Information


DATES: Sunday May 5 to thursday May 16, 2024

COST:  $2000 per person, which covers;

  • all transportation; flight and ground
  • accommodations (shared room for singles, private room for married couples)
  • meals
  • travel insurance
  • interpreters, mobilization of nationals and gratuities in Central America
  • 3 days/2 nights R&R (rest and reflection) at the end of the project

(CFM Ministries raises the funds for the construction project materials and are separate from your personal expenses)

A trip deposit of $200 is due by February 5, 2024 with your completed application. The balance is due by APRIL 1, 2024.

ACCOMODATIONS: modest, clean, double or triple occupancy, private bath, fans or A/C, purified water always available.

CONSTRUCTION Project: construction of a kitchen in Pilon and school rooms in Divala, both in the western Mountains of Panama.

CHILDREN'S MINISTRY: Assisting the local Ministry in an outreach to local children in introducing the love of Jesus through games, bible stories, songs and crafts.

MEDICAL TEAM: The team will treat patients for pain, illness, diabetes, wounds and offer medicines to ease their condition provided through our pharmacy. Our general surgeon, will perform minor surgeries with local anesthesia and our dental volunteers will remove painful inflamed or broken teeth. Physical therapy, optometry and all-around health education are a major part of the help we bring and are always looking for volunteers in these and other areas of health care i.e., all levels of medical and dental professionals, optometry, gynecology, chiropractic, physical therapy, healthcare workers...


THERE IS A MINIMUM PHYSICAL REQUIREMENT TO PARTICIPATION; walking up or down on uneven surfaces, standing for extended periods of time, lIfting or carrying various items, working in a warmer climate.

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We have an amazing team of CFM staff that are ready to help you

William L. Gieg

William L. Gieg

Founder & CEO
Elizabeth A. Gieg

Elizabeth A. Gieg

Founder & CEO

Ana Daugherty, MD/Surgeon

Medical Director
6c (2)

Lenore Kerr, CST/RDA

Surgical/ Dental Team Coordinator
Garth Butz

Garth Butz

Construction Leader

Lindsey Henry

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

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